The Aeropress is portable, lightweight and brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are: at home, camping or on a road trip. The Aeropress brews the coffee by soaking grind's then pressing the water through the coffee and the results are somewhere between several brew methods, not quite plunger but stronger than a Chemex.

What you need

Grinder (if using beans), AeroPress, AeroPress Filters, AeroPress funnel, Kettle, Grinder, Digital Scale, Stirring tool, Timer, Water (just off boiling), Coffee (15-18g), Cup

Let’s brew

1.Pre-moisten AeroPress filter by placing it in the "cap" part of the press and rinsing over a cup.

2.Bring water to the boil and grind 15–18 grams of coffee (slightly finer than sea salt).

3.Put the Aeropress upside down with the plunger extended to the "4", and pour coffee inside.

4.Add nearly boiling water and stir, and steep for two minutes.

5.Stir once more, screw top and filter onto AeroPress and carefully invert over top of a right-sized sturdy cup. Press down firmly until you almost hear the air escape—and serve.