Certified Fairtrade

Grounded is 100% Fairtrade certified. Here is why…

People are at the heart of Fairtrade. Before Fairtrade certification smallhold farmers (their farm size averaging 1.5 hectares) would typically be very poor, vulnerable and exploited. Being a Fairtrade certified farmer gives them back control and improves their position by guaranteeing them a minimum price, plus a development fund to invest in their community. This fund is used to build schools, hospitals and other vital facilities.  Through Fairtrade they also have access to training and technology which improves their coffee quality and yield.

One of the places we source our Fairtrade certified coffee beans is East Timor, here is what Sam Filiaci has to say “With the Fairtrade premium, the co-op has invested in a healthcare program that handles more than 18,000 cases each month. Its facilities include 10 fixed clinics and 24 mobile clinics that provide free services to coffee farmers and their families.”

Grounded Responsible Coffee is proudly 100% Certified Fairtrade.