Climate Neutral

Grounded Responsible Coffee is certified Climate Neutral. Climate Neutral works like this…Fairtrade NZ calculate greenhouse gas emissions from the entire Grounded supply chain from coffee farm to your local store. We work to reduce the emissions, and neutralise the rest through tree planting. At the moment we are paying coffee farmers in Peru to plant trees that will remove carbon from the atmosphere. As well as being good for the environment, it also provides extra income for the farmers (some of the world’s poorest). They are using these funds to protect their farms from climate change.

Erratic and changing climate patterns are having a huge impact on coffee crops world-wide, some regions have seen temperature increases of 5 degrees (a 1 degree rise affects coffee quality, and a 2 degrees rise means coffee bushes yield far less coffee).

For us, climate neutral business is a no-brainer.


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