Fairtrade and organic coffee’s from Mexico, Colombia and Papua New Guinea make this a delicious smooth dark flavour with hints of sweet fruitiness.

In this blend are beans from the south of Mexico giving a delicate chocolate flavour with notes of walnut, beans from the Colombian highlands adding distinctive citrus notes and a cocoa aftertaste, and Papua New Guinea coffee rounds out the flavour with a buttery smoothness and hints of strawberry and jasmine.



This delicious blend is 100% Fairtrade and organic. In this blend we have high quality unique tasting East Timor beans giving a spicy aroma, hint of plum flavour, and a rich full bodied mouthfeel. This is combined with beans from Mexico and Honduras which add hints of black cherry and redcurrant with a rich smooth chocolate and hazelnut body. Lastly, we have Peruvian giving a clean and soft taste with plenty of sweetness.