stovetop Brewing Guide

The classic stovetop delivers a delicious rich coffee, closer to espresso than other brew types. Here is our guide, but experiment to find your ideal brew.


Stovetop coffee maker, Fine grind coffee


  1. Rinse and fill the base with water unit to just below the pressure valve.

  2. Fill your coffee brew basket with finely ground coffee, and settle the coffee by tapping the side of the basket.

  3. Put the basket into the base unit and screw the top section onto the base.

  4. Put your stovetop onto the heat source.

  5. After around 4 minutes (if you used cold water), coffee will begin to appear from the spout and will flow into the top chamber. Keep an eye on the pot.

  6. Make sure the heat is set so that the water passes through the coffee gradually.

  7. When the chamber is nearly full, remove from the heat, and give the coffee a moment to settle.

  8. Serve and enjoy!