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To grow the community of people making a difference by choosing to produce and consume products that are more sustainable. We call this responsible consumption.

The coffee industry led the way in sustainability, developing Organic and Fairtrade products. We are now striving to take this to the next level, proving that responsible consumption does not mean compromise of quality, price or convenience. 


Responsible Coffee

100% fairtrade, 100% organic, certified Climate Neutral, and is helping clean up New Zealand’s waterways and restore native flora and fauna.



People are at the heart of Fairtrade. Before Fairtrade certification smallhold farmers (their farm size averaging 1.5 hectares) would typically be very poor, vulnerable and exploited. Being a Fairtrade certified farmer gives them back control and improves their position by guaranteeing them a minimum price, plus a development fund to invest in their community. This fund is used to build schools, hospitals and other vital facilities.  Through Fairtrade they also have access to training and technology which improves their coffee quality and yield.


climate neutral

Climate Neutral Coffee not only helps fight climate change, but also ensures benefits for communities in developing countries.

A delicious product, that contributes positively to our world.


brew guide

There is a vast world of coffee brewing methods out there for you to try at home, each one allowing you to enjoy a different coffee experience. There is no real secret, it is all about quality beans, a quality grinder, choosing your brew gear and giving it a go, then tweaking to find what suits you and your taste buds best. Need some guidance on brewing - check out our brew guides.


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