brew guides

Choosing your brew method & gear

There is a vast world of coffee brewing methods out there for you to try at home, each one allowing you to enjoy a different coffee experience.

There is no real secret, it is all about quality beans, a quality grinder, choosing your brew gear and giving it a go, then tweaking to find what suits you and your taste buds best.

Need some guidance on brewing - check out our brew guides.


The Aeropress is portable, lightweight and brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are: at home, camping or on a road trip. The Aeropress brews the coffee by soaking grind's then pressing the water through the coffee and the results are somewhere between several brew methods, not quite plunger but stronger than a Chemex.


This iconic brewer with a enduring design was invented in 1941. It is easy to use and brews a ‘clean’ cup, maintaining body and balanced floral notes.


Clever dripper

The Clever coffee dripper is a versatile full immersion brewer that gives a full-bodied, smooth, clean brew. Its simplistic nature makes repeatable brewing uncomplicated; it also has the added bonus of being a suitable tea brewer.



Firstly, make sure you have a good quality home espresso machine. After that it is all about patience and practice, chasing that perfect shot – the one with balance, viscosity, sweetness, and depth - heavenly harmony. There are varying techniques, but here is how we do it.


Easy to brew and super consistent, the Plunger or French Press is very reliable. Its classic and well-engineered design hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1929, and it’s perfect for making multiple cups of heavy-bodied coffee in 4 minutes.



A stylish little number, the classic stovetop espresso maker. It’s retro styling and ability to produce a delicious rich espresso with no electricity or fancy equipment adds to the charm.